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Open: Tue, Wed, Thur 9am to 12pm
AND Click & Collect Thursdays 1-2pm
(During School Terms)
Ph: (03) 5623 1923


Recent Grant Support

Support From Drouin & District Community Bank Branch

Over recent years we have had wonderful support from Drouin & District Community Bank. The beauty of this bank, when compared to all the others, is that it uses its profits to contribute straight back into the community in which it is situated. A definite win-win situation. That’s why the Sonshine Toy Library account is with this bank, along with a lot of people from the Warragul and Drouin area.

In December 2016, in our most recent grant from the Community Bank, we received $2,400 to replace the air conditioner that had died. The new one is picured below. It makes a huge difference to be able to keep the library at a livable temperature when the weather gets to extremes of hot or cold.

It was great to have the chairman, Bruno Persico, and the branch manager, Craig Black, come and visit the toy library recently, and get a sense of what Sonshine Toy Library is about. Having given us grants for at least the last three years, it was nice to finally have them visit.

In case you don’t remember, it was the D & D Community Bank that donated the funds ($2,980) to enable our kitchen upgrade. It used to just be a couple of very old sinks and cupboards under the window, where the children were all too easily exposed to “kitchen dangers” – especially  hot water. When you consider what we have now, pictured opposite, there is really no resemblance! It’s great!

And the year before that they donated $3,200 towards the purchase of toys in order to improve our range of toys and increase the availability of our more popular ones!

We hope that our association with Drouin & District Community Bank will continue to be a beneficial one into the years ahead. We are very grateful for their support!

Thank you to Drouin & District Community Bank!